New video I directed for Ethelwulf.

The Knocks and Fred Falke - Geronimo

5 notes / August 21, 2012

Art With Edward - Hector Ponce - The Warhol Of The Walls:

Edward is back with the modern day Andy Warhol. 

3 notes / May 16, 2012

Edward’s back..

7 notes / April 5, 2012

Art With Edward  and Michael Heizer Teaser: 

Edward is exploring Michael Heizer’s new piece, Levitated Mass, that is en route to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on a 196 wheeled truck. 

2 notes / March 8, 2012

Art With Edward and Richard Prince

Art With Edward - Richard Prince - Coming soon….

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Art With Edward - Episode 1 - Ed Ruscha’s Back Of Hollywood

Art With Edward - Coming Soon…..


I have had the good fortune of working on a new show with world renowned art critic Edward Goldblum. Behind the scenes he’s a real curmudgeon, but he’s magical in front of the camera.

4 notes / February 3, 2012

Soot Bull Jeep’s Ceiling


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